Testbed specification



This Report defines technical infrastructure of the reTHINK testbed nodes and provides manual for using, connecting to the testbed infrastructure.

In particular, this deliverable describes a generic “blueprint” of a testbed node that suits for demonstrating reTHINK developments. As such, a testbed node can be instantiated regardless of the node’s location. All components required by each testbed node are provided as public docker images as such enabling sustainability of the testbed. Companies following up on a potential commercial exploitation of the results may easily instantiate a testbed at their (local) premises via the documentation provided in this report.

This manual provides the details on the methodology how the generic “blueprint” of a testbed node was derived based on project specific constrains as well as based on deployment constrains coming from the testbed locations chosen within the project. Details on how to setup each docker image that compose a testbed node are provided.




Mesquita, Miguel; Duarte, Luis; Emmelmann, Marc; Corici, Andreea Ancuta; Vallee, Arnaud; Drüsedow, Steffen; Hänsge, Kay; Bécot, Simon; Paillet, Eric; Corre, Kevin; Pereira, Ricardo




test bed, installation manual, docker, reTHINK services, demonstrator

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