Management and Security features specifications



This document provides an initial description and specifications of the following components of the reTHINK architecture, dealing with management functionalities, namely: Policy Management, Governance, Identity Management, Graph Connector, and Hyperty Directory services (Catalogue and Registry). The document contains a global picture of the components involved (Chapter 2), detailed descriptions of these modules (Chapters 3 to 6) and state-of-the-art and procurement of existing products and especially candidate open source solutions (Chapter 7) that may be used as a basis for implementation. These components are used throughout reTHINK use-cases and scenarios to provide reTHINK Support Services such as authenticating users, finding their reachability addresses, or providing them a trustworthy communication environment.

This document will be used by forthcoming development tasks that are expected to provide in-depth specifications. Also afterwards integration activities will bring strong feedback that will enable us to thus revise the specifications in order to deliver the final set of specifications that will constitute the final version of this deliverable.




Jean-Michel Crom; Kevin Corre; Simon Bécot; Ingo Friese; Felix Beierle; Sebastian Göndör; Ahmed Bouabdallah; Marc Emmelmann; Andrea Ancuta Corici; Ricardo Chaves; Ricardo Pereira




identity, trust, policy, directory, graph

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