Hyperty Runtime and Hyperty Messaging Node Specification



This Report contains a detailed specification of reTHINK Core Framework components comprised by the runtime environment where Hyperties are executed and the messaging nodes used to support messages exchange between Hyperties. This specification is sustained by a very comprehensivee work in terms of state of the art research and procurement of existing open source that will be used to demonstrate the feasibility of the radical reTHINK concepts. The core of this report contains a detailed specification of the Hyperty Runtime API and of the main procedures to support use cases, requirements and concepts defined in previous reports, providing the basis for the implementation tasks.
Paulo Chainho; Micael Pedrosa; Vitor Silva; Miguel Mesquita; Luis Duarte; Joel Pinheiro; Marc Emmelmann; Andreea Ancuta Corici; Alice Cheambe; Antón Román Portabales;
Santiago Troncoso; Yudani Riobó; Arnaud Vallée; Frédéric Luart; Steffen Druesedow; Frank Oberle; Ingo Friese; Ewa Janczukowicz; Simon Bécot; Kevin Corre; Eric Paillet; Ricardo Lopes Pereira; Ricardo Chaves; Nuno Santos; Rebecca Copeland



Fixed: Communication networks, media, information society
Free: Hyper-linked entities, Future Internet architecture, Trustful communications, Social trustful networks, WebRTC, Independent Identity, IdP, Peer-to-peer communications,H2H, M2M, Graph ID

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