Workspace Maps

Workspace maps offer an overview of one’s shared workspaces and their members. Work­space maps include also other container objects that may be shared among users like dis­cus­sion forums, group calendars or projects. A workspace map visualizes the relations between work­spaces and their members as a graph with two kinds of nodes: workspaces and users. A user is connected to a workspace by an edge, if this user has access to the workspace.

Workspace maps need to be activated for your BSCW server by the server administrator in order to make use of the respective functionality.

You create a workspace map

      by selecting action  Information    Workspace Map  in the action menu of a shared workspace. The workspace map appears in a separate browser window. You may create a map of the current workspace also by selecting  File   Workspace Map  from the top menu.

The workspace from which you have created the map is specifically highlighted as the current focus of the map. All members of this workspace are represented on the workspace map (including yourself) as well as all further workspaces that you share with the members of the workspace in focus.

You may create an overview of all your shared workspaces by creating a workspace map in your home folder, e.g. by selecting  File   Workspace Map  in your home folder. The resulting workspace map shows all your shared workspaces, also if they are located in the lower levels of your folder hierarchy.

You may also create workspace maps that only show the workspaces that you have in com­mon with a specific user.

      Go to the members’ page of a workspace or to your address book.

      Select action  Information    Workspace Map  in the action menu of this user.

You may carry out the following operations on workspace maps:

      You may change the size of the workspace map or adapt to the size of the browser window. You may also drag the nodes of the map to different positions.

      You may change the depth of the map representation, i.e. the maximal distance of a map node from the node in focus. Workspace maps are created with a default depth of 2. Starting from a workspace, all members of this workspace are shown and all further workspaces that you share with some of these members. Greater depth values will also show members of these workspaces not yet included in the workspace map and work­spaces that you may share with these members, etc.

      You may make an arbitrary node the focus of the workspace by clicking on it. The workspace map is newly calculated according to the depth chosen.

Note: Workspace maps showing the workspaces you have in common with a speci­fic user are limited to exactly these workspaces. A greater depth value or a change of fo­cus does not enlarge the scope of such maps.

      Clicking on the node in focus will open a new tab in your browser show this node in BSCW. Clicking on a workspace node shows this workspace as current workspace, clicking on a user node shows the info page of this user.