Voting on the suggested dates

After successful creation of an appointment scheduling, all participants are notified via email and are invited to vote on the suggested dates. This email message includes a personalized link that allows you to access the appointment scheduling in order to vote, change a vote or have a look at the voting results so far. Do not forward this link to other persons (they could use this link only to participate under your name), but rather use the second link in the email (if present) to suggest other persons for participation in the appointment. If you are a member of the workspace containing the appointment scheduling object you may simply open the appoint­ment scheduling to vote.

You vote on an appointment scheduling

      by clicking on the “To appointment scheduling” link in the invitation email or by se­lect­ing action  Open  in the action menu of the appointment scheduling (the latter only if you are a member of the workspace containing the appointment scheduling object).

      The ‘Appointment Scheduling’ action form presents the voting as a table: the sug­gest­ed dates are the columns, the participants and their votes are the rows. Vote on the dates suggested by pressing the appropriate radio buttons and clicking [Vote]. If you have voted already and want to change your opinion, click on the edit icon edit next to your name.

      The optional comments and the degree of acceptance that a date has received so far are shown as tooltips of the info icon info of a date.

      The ‘Current status’ line shows the accumulated status of the dates suggested for the appointment:

Green: All participants have voted with ‘yes’.

Orange: No participant has voted with ‘no’, at least one participant has voted with ‘maybe’.

Red: At least one participant has voted with ‘no’.

Your vote will be reflected immediately in the current status of a date: if you vote with ‘no’, e.g., the current status will switch to red.

      You may also suggest other participants by clicking the respective button, if this possi­bility is foreseen for this appointment scheduling (see next section).

      Click on [Go back] to return to the folder listing.

You may change your vote or have a look at the other votes using the same link in the in­vi­ta­tion email, so do not delete this email. Voting on the appointment scheduling is possible as long as the voting period has not expired or the organizer has not closed the voting earlier (about which you will be notified via email).

If you vote on an appointment scheduling as organizer, the current status of the appointment scheduling is indicated in the ‘Final date’ line and you are offered to fix the final date by selecting one of the dates (see below). You may also edit the participant list by clicking [Edit participants] as ex­plained above.