Viewing and exporting results of a poll or voting

By default, the creator of a poll or voting and the manager of the workspace containing the poll or voting may view the current results by

      choosing action  Show Responses  from the action menu of the poll or voting. This will show a graphical representation of the responses so far received.

If a poll or voting is configured accordingly, also the participants may view the poll results by opening the poll or voting: by clicking on the entry in the folder listing, via the action menu or by clicking on the link received via email (voting) or otherwise published (public poll). If a participant has already responded, this will show the poll results. If a participant has not yet responded and is entitled to view the current results, opening the poll or voting will present the questionnaire; clicking on [Show responses up to now...] at the end of the ques­tion­naire will present the results.

In addition to viewing the results in a graphical representation, you may also export them as a comma-separated file in the .csv file format. This allows you to store the results for further processing with an appropriate application, e.g. Microsoft Excel. The results of votings are exported as single responses along with user name or email address of the voter. The results of polls may be exported as anonymized single responses or in aggregated form. Exporting results is by default reserved for the creator and the managers of the workspace containing the poll or voting.

      Choose action  Send to    File (Responses)  in the action menu of a poll or voting to export the re­sults as single responses in .csv format.

      Choose action  Send to    File (Results)  in the action menu of a poll to export the results in ag­gre­gated form in .csv for­mat.