Using the personal portal

You can choose to start all your BSCW sessions with your personal portal by selecting the respective option in your personal preferences ( Options    Preferences ) under ‘Portal’. There you can also change the default value of the maximum number of visible entries in list-like widgets (folders, events, news).

The widgets of your personal portal have three buttons in their title bar (minimize, change, delete) to mi­ni­mize or maximize the widget, to change the widget and to delete the widget. List-like wid­gets having more entries than the current maximum offer two buttons [next] and [previous] at the bottom to move up and down in the list.

Further information concerning a widget entry is shown as tooltips when the cursor is posi­tioned over the entry. By clicking plus , the information may also be shown in the widget itself.

Many widgets offer their entries as clickable links. The contents of an entry, e.g. a BSCW folder or an RSS news item, are shown in a separate browser tab or window.

Every time you open the portal, its contents are updated, i.e. folder widgets show the current contents, events widgets show the latest events, news widgets show the latest news etc. Some widgets like the clock are permanently updated. You may also update your portal via  File    Catch up  in the top menu.

The BSCW widgets of the personal portal work very similar to the desktop widgets; see Functionality of desktop widgets for a more detailed description.