Using blogs

In order to view a blog and its entries, click on the blog’s name or icon in the folder listing containing the blog or select action  Open  in the blog’s action menu. An example is shown in Figure 13 above. You may add entries to a blog by clicking on the ‘Add entry’ action button in the upper left-hand corner of the blog display.

The right-hand side of the blog display lists entries with date, subject, start of text, author, number of readers, comments so far and tags, if any. Click on the subject to read the full entry if not displayed completely and/or to add a comment. Given the according access rights, you may edit or delete an entry by clicking on the respective buttons [Edit] and [Delete]. Note that deleted entries are moved to the trash from where they may be undeleted again.

If the blog contains more entries than fit in one blog page, a row of navigation buttons at the bottom of a blog page allows moving to a specific page or the next or previous page.

The left-hand side of the blog display shows lists of the available actions, of the tags that were used, of the authors that contributed to the blog, and of the months when entries were created. Tags, authors and dates are listed in proportion to relative frequency, e.g. the author with the most contributions is printed in large font, whereas the author of just one entry is printed in small font. You may limit the display to entries tagged by a certain keyword, written by a certain author, or created in a certain month by clicking on a tag, author or month in these lists. In order to return to a display of all entries, click on the ‘Show all entries’ action in the upper left-hand corner.

By hitting the ‘RSS feed’ button in the lower left-hand corner of the blog display you get the entire blog represented as RSS feed in chronological order. You are offered to sub­scribe to this RSS feed in order to stay informed about activities in this blog.