Uninstallation of BSCW Desktop

If you ever want to remove the BSCW Desktop application from your system (e.g., because you want to install an updated version), use Java Web Start to this end. Simply open the list of the applications installed in Java Web Start, select the application ‘BSCW Desktop’ and re­move it. The exact procedure may vary depending on your version of Java Web Start and your operating system. On Windows, e.g., you may open the Java control panel and view the appli­cations installed under “Temporary Internet files”.

Please note that BSCW Desktop stores the personal settings of each user in a special direc­tory. These settings are not removed during uninstallation via Java Web Start. You may re­move the settings manually – the files are stored in the user configuration directory (e.g. on Windows in C:\Documents and Settings\User\BSCWDesktop).

Please remember to deactivate the option Use BSCW Desktop client for file upload in  Options    Preferences .