The info page

BSCW generates and maintains a lot of descriptive information on its objects (folders, discussion forums, documents, users, groups etc.). Some of the items may be edited by a user who has the necessary access rights, others are automatically generated and updated by BSCW. While a few items, e.g. type and name of an object or the user name of its owner, are dis­played in various contexts in the Web-based user interface, it is the info page of an object that brings together all the information that BSCW maintains about the object.

      Select action  Information   General  or click the info icon to the left of an object’s type icon to display the info page of the object (see Figure 12 for an example).

The info page supplies some technical information about an object, shows tags and all attributes with values assigned, if any, and lists the current ac­cess rights, i.e. which users in what role may carry out which actions on the object. The other contents of the info page may vary depending on the object type, e.g.:

Document under version control: The info page additionally shows the version history as a table. By clicking the version number you may download a specific ver­sion to your local system.

Contact: The info page shows all the information entered describing the contact. The information corresponds to the data a user can enter into his personal profile under ‘Personal Data’.

User: Besides user name and email address, the info page contains all the information that was entered into the personal profile of the user like a telephone number or a pho­to­graph. Under ‘Folders in common’ you may have listed all workspaces that you currently have in common with the user shown. The user info page also contains con­tact details on how to reach a user via messaging services or social net­works when such details were entered into the personal profile.

Task: The info page shows requestors, contractors, status and time frame.