Templates and template folders

Templates are used as masters for frequently used types of documents (letters, reports, forms), usually including elaborate layout and formatting information or complex formulas in the case of spreadsheets. In BSCW, you can declare arbitrary objects as templates: polls, flow folders and tasks or even folders including their entire contents.

All templates must be put into template folders, special folders which contain only templates. Template folders can carry any name, they are identified by a specific icon . Because other­wise template folders behave like ordinary folders, they may also be shared with other users. This way, e.g., you may set up sets of shared templates for use by your working team. In addition to user-defined template folders containing templates for the use of an individual or a workspace group, there are also system-wide template folders accessible to all registered users of the BSCW server, which are managed by the system administrator.


Creating template folders

Copying from templates