Suggesting other persons for participation

The organizer of an appointment scheduling may allow participants to suggest other parti­cip­ants. If this is the case, the invitation email for an appointment scheduling also contains a link for suggesting other persons for participating in the appointment, e.g. in case you yourself do not want to parti­ci­pate.

You suggest other persons for participation in the appointment

      by clicking the “Suggest participants” link of the invitation email or by opening the appoint­ment scheduling and clicking the [Suggest participants] button in the appoint­ment scheduling action form. If you are a member of the workspace that contains the appointment scheduling, you can also suggest new participants by selecting action  Sug­gest Participants  in the action menu of the appointment sched­uling.

      In the ‘Suggest Participants’ action form you may select additional participants of the appointment (as you would select members of a workspace). You may also enter email ad­dresses of persons who are not registered users of your BSCW server; in the case of appointment scheduling, these persons can take part without registering as BSCW users.

      Click [OK] to either have the new participants directly invited or have the organizer in­form­ed about your suggestion who will then de­cide about inviting the persons you have sug­gested.

Depending on the configuration of your BSCW server and the speci­fic­ation of the orga­nizer of the appointment, the new participants suggested by you are either directly invited or have to be confirmed by the organizer. In the latter case, the organizer will receive an email to that end. The organizer can also

      select action  Revise Suggestions  in the action menu of the appointment sched­uling.

      In the action form ‘Invite Suggested or New Participants’, the persons suggested for participation are already entered under ‘Suggested persons’.

      Hit [OK] to confirm participation. At this point, you may also add further participants.