Structuring the address book

In order to structure your address book in different domains, you may create contact lists inside your address book.

      Select  File    New    Contact List  from the top menu and enter name and optional description. Both may be changed later on.

In such a contact list of your address book, you can create new contacts as described for your address book, or transfer contacts from your address book via cut/copy and paste.

Contact lists of workspaces may be transferred to your address book as a whole using the action  File    to Address Book  in the top menu of the contact list.

Contact lists of your address book may be used when inviting new members to workspaces – either by inviting all or only certain contacts of the list (for details see 4.1.1 Creating shared workspaces: Inviting other users). In order to appear in the invitation action form, such contact lists must at least contain a contact that is associated with a user or pending email address or contains an email address admitted for self-registration on your BSCW server.