Starting a desktop widget

After having installed a desktop widget, you may start it on your PC. This may vary from sys­tem to system – normally you find so-called shortcuts on your desktop (small iconized re­presentations of the widgets) on which you click in order to start the widget.

When starting a desktop widget the first time, you are asked to enter the BSCW URL as well as your user name and password. The BSCW URL is the URL of your BSCW server and is shown on the widget installation page which you invoke with  GoTo    Desktop Widgets  in the top menu. We recommend that you copy the URL from there. User name and password are your nor­mal BSCW user name and password that you use for logging in to BSCW. BSCW URL and user name are stored for the next start of the widget. Optionally you may also have the pass­word stored. Passwords stored in your Web browser are not recognized by the wid­gets.

Note: If you start a running desktop widget a second time, you will not create a second wid­get, but only refresh the window of the running widget.

Please note that login to a desktop widget is completely separated from your browser login to BSCW. This means specifically that

a login to a desktop widget does not imply a successful login to BSCW via Web brow­ser, and that

the display of BSCW content in the browser from within the desktop widget requires a BSCW login via browser, if not already logged in.

Note: Login and storage of login data is done on a per widget basis. If you start a second wid­get you have to login again.