Special actions in search folders

In a search folder, the following additional actions are offered.

      Select  File    Edit Query  to repeat your search with a modified query.

      Select  File    Redo Search  to repeat your search with an unmodified query.

      Select  File    Save to Clipboard  to store temporary search results in a permanent search folder. After you have entered the name for the permanent search folder, it will appear in your clipboard, from where you may paste it to a suitable folder.

      Select  File    More Hits  to collect additional hits from the search engine and to append them to the hits in the search folder (only for Web searches).

All these actions are also available from the context menu of the search folder.

You can filter search results by object type and MIME type via  View    Filter  as in normal folders. In addition, you may exclude certain non-interesting results from display in the un­filtered view of the search results.

      Choose Aktion  Ignore  in the action menu of a search result.

Such a result will not be shown in the search folder listing, even if the search is repeated or the search query edited. If search results are ignored, the display of ‘No Filter’ at the right-hand end of the multi-action toolbar will change to ‘Result List’.

The search results ignored are summarized in the ‘Ignore List’, which is displayed via  View    Filter    Ignore List . In this view, you may also revoke ignoring a search result by a repeated Aktion  Ignore  in the action menu. Via  View    Filter    Result List  you return to the list of search results. Switching between ignore and result list may also be done using the drop-down menu that is shown when you click on either ‘Ignore List’ or ‘Result List’ at the right-hand end of the mul­ti-action toolbar.

Ignoring search results is not a personal preference, ignoring is valid for all members of the search folder.

Only when you have chosen ‘No Filter’, ignoring search results excludes these results from dis­play, it has no effect when you apply object type or MIME type filtering to your search re­sults.