Setting the default event options

Depending on your BSCW installation, several event services are available that may be con­figured individually.

Event icons indicate recent events on the user interface level.

The daily workspace activity report is sent per email and contains events that hap­pen­ed in your workspaces the previous day.

Direct email notification notifies you immediately about relevant events.

The event monitor supports online event notification by means of a separate Java app­let.

The BSCW RSS event feeds provide recent events as RSS formatted news. Using these RSS feeds, modern browsers (or other RSS aggregators) may poll BSCW for online infor­mation on what is going on in your workspaces.

To specify on what event types (read, create, move or change events) you want to be notified by which event services,

      choose  Options    Preferences  from the top menu bar.

      The ‘Edit Preferences’ action form provides the section ‘Event Options’ with the sub­sections ‘Active Event Services’ and ‘Subscribed Event Types’ where you may speci­fy your default event options.

      In the ‘Active Event Services’ subsection you may check those event services that you want to use. For the daily report you may also specify whether you want to be notified about events that were generated by yourself, i.e. events that result from your own actions. Such events are not transmitted by the other event services listed.

      In the ‘Subscribed Event Types’ subsection you may specify for each active event ser­vice the event types that this service is you to notify you about.

The default event options are valid for all objects in your workspaces unless you change the event options on the object level.

You may change these default options at any time, e.g. to deactivate an entire event service or to disable read events from being transmitted via the daily report. While changes in the de­fault options with respect to event types do not affect individually set event options, de­acti­va­tion of an event service is valid also for individual event options. Thus the default event op­tions provide a central location to enable or disable an entire event service. If you do not want to overrule individual settings, just disable all event types for a given service to disable the service for the general case, but still allow its use for certain objects with individual event options that use this event service.

Please note that some services may be disabled for your BSCW server. Consequently, these services are not offered for default configuration.

Note: Enabling the direct email notification service on a container object (folder, discussion forum etc.) may result in numerous email messages, which are generated and delivered to your prim­ary email address.