Sending BSCW objects

You may send BSCW objects and their complete contents to the members of a workspace and other people as well. You may use contact information contained in your address book, when sending BSCW objects.

The BSCW objects are sent as attachments of an email or via fax. When you send the objects via email you may also send links to the objects instead of sending the objects themselves in an attachment. Think of this possibility especially when sending large documents.

      Click the individual check boxes to select the objects that you want to send and click send e-mail (Send Email) in the multi-selection toolbar.

      In the ‘Send Email’ form you may specify recipients, subject and body of your mes­sage; the objects that are sent as attachments are listed below.

      Use the [Add members] button to add all members of your current workspace to the ‘To:’ field. Use [Remove members] to remove them again. You may make use of contacts with email addresses from your BSCW address book by clicking the [To:], [Cc:] and [Bcc:] buttons.

      Under ‘Send as link or as attachment’ you may choose how you want to send the ob­jects selected.

      Use the option ‘Send as attachment to all recipients’ if you wish to attach the ob­jects to your email message. Avoid this option if your documents are large or if you want to keep track of who actually will read the documents.

      Use one of the two ‘Send as link ...’ options if you wish to avoid email attach­ments.       
If you send links also to non-members of the workspace, these non-members will have read access to the objects. Read access is enabled by way of a token and is restricted to the time span indicated. You may block access to an object sent before the time span has elapsed: Open the info page of the object, which lists under ‘Access rights’ the read access right via token. The action [Delete token] in the right-hand column of the access right table revokes the access via token for non-members. 
The option ‘Send as link to workspace members only’ ensures that no one but work­space members with the right to read will be able to access your objects: non-authorized recipients will be removed from the recipients’ lists and will not be sent an email at all (in this case, a warning will appear before the message is actually sent).

      You may also choose to send the objects via fax by clicking [Send a Fax]. For obvious reasons, you can only send documents via fax which you could also send via fax out­side of BSCW.

Note: The action send e-mail (Send Email) is only available when your BSCW server has been con­figured for email or fax distribution by your BSCW administrator.