Searching for a user name or email address

BSCW lets you search for users – either in your own address book or among all registered users of your BSCW server. The second option is particularly helpful if you want to invite someone into a workspace who is a user but whose user name and email address you do not know precisely. Note that a search ‘in the whole system’ may take its time.

As search criteria, you may specify fields of the personal info page, which every registered user may fill in using  Option    Profile    Change . With most users, however, the only informa­tion available is ‘name’ (i.e. user name) and ‘email address’ since filling in personal details is optional.

In the result page returned from a BSCW user query you may trigger various actions for users listed therein, e.g., you may include them in your address book or send them an email mes­sage. Clicking send e-mail (Send Email) brings up the BSCW email form; send e-mail (Email) triggers your own email client, if available (e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird).