BSCW helps you

to find objects (documents, folders, etc.) in your workspaces, calendar, clipboard or trash based on any metadata available;

to find documents in your workspaces based on their content;

to find objects (documents, folders, etc.) in your workspaces, calendar, clipboard or your trash based on tags assigned to these objects;

to check if someone that you have some information about is a user of your BSCW server or is listed in your address book;

to submit a query to the Google search engine.

Independent of the type of your search, you may either store the results permanently in BSCW or not. Permanent search folders are useful when a particular search is to be repeated at a later point in time. Permanent search folders form a separate BSCW object type.

You create a permanent and named search folder, that contains the list of hits of your query and that is stored in the current folder, as follows.

      Select  File    New    Search Folder  in the top menu bar to bring up the ‘Add Search Folder’ form.

      Enter the name of the search folder to be created (this is not yet your query!). Select your search domain from the list offered. After clicking [OK] the ‘Edit Query’ form is displayed where you specify your respective query. The entries in this form depend on the type of search that you have selected. In all types of searches, upper and lower case in search terms are not distinguished

You carry out a search where the results are stored in a temporary search folder as follows.

      Select  File    Search  in the top menu bar and specify your type of search by choosing either,  in Your Documents ,  in BSCW ,  in Tags ,  for Users  or  in the Web .

      Continue as described for searching with permanent results.

Even after having carried out a search with temporary results, you may decide to have the results stored permanently (see ‘Special actions in search folders’ below).

Each time you carry out a search with temporary results, the ‘Edit Query’ form will in general be filled in with values that you used last time when doing such a search; if the values differ you may restore the values by clicking [Last query]. In the same form, you can access the results of your last search (if any) by clicking [Last results].

Note: You may directly search in BSCW using the search field offered in the navigation bar. The search field supports a simple search for objects, tags or documents. An identical search function is also offered as desktop widget and as search widget of the personal portal. Search for BSCW objects is also supported in the mobile portal of BSCW.


Special actions in search folders

Finding BSCW objects

Finding BSCW documents based on content

Finding BSCW objects using tags

Searching for a user name or email address

Searching the Web