Public space

The public space represents that part of a BSCW server which can be accessed by everyone over the World-Wide Web without being a registered user of the server. Folders, discussion forums and other objects may be made publicly available using  File    Access    Public Access  in the top menu or action  Access    Public Access  in the action menu of the object. This action is by de­fault only allowed for managers. The access rights for anonymous users are determined when an object is pub­lished. By default, anonymous users have read access only.

Note: For security reasons, the BSCW administrator may remove the public space from your ser­ver. In this case, no objects may be made publicly available.

The public space is implemented as a community workspace named ‘public’. Its community is the group of anonymous users, i.e. of all users accessing the public part of a BSCW server anonymously. (For communities in general see 11 Communities.) The folder ‘public’ is contained in the listing of community workspaces of every registered user of your BSCW server. You reach the public space, e.g., by clicking my communities in the instant access bar.


Allowing anonymous access

Accessing folders anonymously

Public entry page for anonymous access