Progress of a project

The progress of a project may be

not yet started,

as scheduled,


overdue or


After creation of the project the progress is set to “not yet started” if its time frame lies in the future or to „as scheduled“ (optimistic model). The progress is by default automatically ag­gregated from the task and phase levels to the project level (see 12.1.6 Progress of a task and progress aggregation), but may also be set explicitly by the user. If there are no phases or tasks in a project, there is nothing to aggregate and project progress has to be set manually.

You set the progress of a project

      by selecting  File    Change    Properties  in the top menu of the project. In the section ‘Progress’ of the action form, click the progress value desired. Choose “system-determined” if BSCW is to ag­gre­gate the progress.

Progress is represented by icons in the respective column of folder listings: if a project or phase is not yet started, as scheduled or completed, its progress is symbolized by as scheduled. The icons critical and overdue stand for critical or overdue projects or phases. Also the project and phase icons in a folder listing indicate progress: phase (critical) stands for a critical phase, project (overdue) und project (completed) stand for overdue and completed projects, respectively.