Polls and votings

Polls and votings consist of a number of questions, each offering a list of answers. A poll is open for vot­ing either to the member group of the workspace in which it was created or to the general pub­lic. A voting is directed to certain users or persons identified by their email ad­dress. Answering the questions of a poll or voting is only possible within the time frame fore­seen. An essential difference between polls and votings is that polls are answered ano­nym­ous­ly whereas the votes of a voting by name, i.e. all participants can see how the others have voted.

Poll results may be viewed in aggregated form during and after the poll. Voting results are also visible in detail. All results may be exported for further pro­cessing, poll results also as anonymized individual responses.

Figure 28: Questionnaire of a poll

Working with polls and votings is only possible if the respective functionality has been ac­ti­vat­ed for your BSCW server by the server administrator.


Creating polls

Creating votings

Changing polls and votings

Viewing polls and votings as a timeline

Responding to polls and votings

Resetting polls and votings

Viewing and exporting results of a poll or voting