Personal portal

Your personal portal for BSCW can show the contents of important workspaces, an over­view of recent BSCW events and current appointments from your BSCW calendar. You can also in­clude external programs to show you the latest news or the current weather forecast, to con­nect you to communication services or to let you find an address on a map.

Your portal is configured by yourself. It is meant to be a personalized starting page for a quick and direct ac­cess to important information on your BSCW server and often used ex­ter­nal applications.

You access your personal portal

      by clicking on personal portal in the instant access bar (if you don’t have this icon in the instant access bar, activate it with  Options    Preferences  in the section ‘Presentation’) or via  GoTo    Portal  in the top menu bar.


Creating the personal portal

Changing the personal portal

Contents view of the personal portal

Using the personal portal

Workspace portals