Outlook synchronization

BSCW supports the synchronization of contacts and appointments with corresponding data in Microsoft Outlook, i.e. BSCW users working on a Windows platform may synchronize their BSCW contact lists and personal or group calendars with an Outlook client on their local computers. This way the appointments of a BSCW group calendar can be downloaded to a local computer, the local contact data of workspace members can be collected into a BSCW contact list of the workspace, and contacts and appointments alike may be kept up-to-date in BSCW and Outlook via periodical Outlook synchronizations.

Outlook synchronization works on the basis of single contact lists and calendars, each of which are synchronized separately. To this end, a BSCW contact list or calendar is associated with a contact folder or calendar in Outlook. In order to synchronize a contact list or calendar with its counterpart on your local computer, select action  Synchronize  in the action menu of the contact list or calendar. Alternatively, you may also open the contact list or calendar and se­lect  in the action shortcut bar.

During synchronization, the contacts or appointments in your contact list or calendar are compared with the contacts and appointments in the corresponding Outlook folder on your local computer and the following actions are carried out:

Recently created contacts or appointments in BSCW are transferred to the local Out­look folder and vice versa.

Contacts or appointments deleted in BSCW are also deleted from the local Outlook folder and vice versa.

Modifications of contacts or appointments in BSCW since the last synchronization are transferred to Outlook and vice versa.

Conflicts, i.e. modifications of contacts or appointments and their counterparts in both BSCW and Outlook since the last synchronization, must be resolved manually by giving priority to either the BSCW or the Outlook modifications.

Please note that Outlook synchronization is only available with a professional BSCW license. OrbiTeam offers an upgrade from the royalty free educational license to the fully featured professional license. For details, please contact license@orbiteam.de. Also, Outlook synchro­nization has to be activated by your BSCW server administrator.


System requirements for Outlook synchronization

Using Outlook synchronization