Mobile Device Interface

BSCW allows you to access BSCW also by use of mobile devices. Via a so-called mobile portal you may access, e.g., your address book, your calendar and your work­spaces. The latest events BSCW events are presented to you in a special view. Book­marks provide easy access to frequently used workspaces.

The current mobile access feature was developed for latest generation mobile devices. The use of this feature requires an according mobile device like an Apple iPhone or an Android Smart­phone.

Mobile access to your BSCW server requires the prior activation of the respective func­tion­ality by your BSCW administrator. For questions concerning mobile network access and con­fig­uration of your mobile device, please consult your network operator or the manufacturer of the mo­bile device.


Mobile access

Mobile login to BSCW

Mobile portal

User interface of the mobile portal

Domains and functions of the mobile portal