Mobile access

There are two ways to access the BSCW server from a mobile device:

Access via a mobile Web browser

Direct access via an app icon on the home screen of an Apple iPhone

Access via a mobile Web browser is similar to using a Web browser on your desk top. Open the home page of the BSCW server in your mobile browser by entering the corresponding URL – e.g. You can also copy the BSCW server URL from your desktop browser and send it via email to yourself on the mobile device; you will then only have to copy the URL from your mailbox to your mobile browser.

On Apple iPhones you may add the mobile BSC interface as an app icon to the home screen, so that you can access the mobile portal of your BSCW server directly via this icon. Open the BSCW server URL in the mobile Web browser, click on the + icon in the browser status line and select [Add to Home Screen].