Levels of proficiency

BSCW is tailored to the proficiency of its user. This is based on the assumption that, as users get more involved with BSCW and more accustomed to using it, they can cope with – and effectively utilize – a wider range of functions.

BSCW servers may offer their users a series of predefined user interfaces with growing func­tionality and complexity. Fraunhofer FIT’s public BSCW server, as an example, offers user interfaces for three levels of proficiency:




As a new user of Fraunhofer FIT’s BSCW server you start at the Beginner level. As soon as you feel comfortable with this restricted set of functions, and need more functionality to do your job effectively, you may want to switch over to Advanced or Expert mode:

      choose  Options    Preferences  from the top menu bar;

      select your preferred level of proficiency (Beginner, Advanced or Expert) in the ‘General’ section of the action form.

On other servers the number of levels may vary, they may be labelled differently and may group functions differently.

To find out which actions are available to users at the different levels of proficiency, it is al­ways possible to switch to another level of proficiency and then change back again.

If your user level does not offer all actions available in an action menu, you may choose the option action  more…  to switch to a higher level.