JavaScript, style sheets and user language

The BSCW user interface of version 4 and up makes use of style sheets and JavaScript. This is done in particular for page layout and generation of pop-up menus.

If you have enabled JavaScript in your browser, and if your browser can handle Java­Script, BSCW will automatically present the JavaScript-enhanced interface.

If you have disabled JavaScript in your browser, e.g. for security reasons, BSCW will automatically present the non-JavaScript user interface. Disabling of JavaScript may also be indicated when you have to use a low band­width connection to your BSCW server.

Please do not disable style sheets in your browser: your interface will lose important lay­out and style information. It will continue to be fully operational, but might look ‘awkward’. Security concerns with regard to the use of style sheets are not justified.

In this manual we assume that JavaScript and style sheets are enabled, as the functionality of the non-JavaScript interface does not differ from the JavaScript-enhanced interface.

Non-JavaScript user interface

If your browser cannot handle JavaScript or is configured to not accept JavaScript, BSCW will automatically display a non-JavaScript interface. It is not as nice looking and as comfort­able to use as the JavaScript-enhanced interface, but fully functional. The main difference is the lack of pop-up menus. All pop-up menus are replaced by menu selection boxes and an ‘enter’ button enter.

To invoke an action select the action from the appropriate menu selection box and press enter. Please note that the ‘enter’ button enter refers only to the action on its left, and that only one action may be performed at a time.

You may return to the more comfortable JavaScript-enhanced interface any time by enabling JavaScript in your browser. The JavaScript interface is displayed after a reload of the page.

User interface language

Many browsers provide their interfaces in multiple languages, e.g. in English, French or Spanish. BSCW detects your browser’s specific language setting and automatically responds in this language – if this language is available in BSCW and your BSCW administrator has installed the respective BSCW language package.

To make use of one of the various languages which BSCW supports, either make sure that your Web browser is configured to your preferred language (look up your browser’s help for details) or specify the interface language directly in your user preferences, as explained be­low.