Inviting members

You turn a private folder into a shared workspace by inviting other users as ‘members’ – you yourself are the first member and owner of the workspace.

      Select  File    Access    Invite Member  in the top menu bar to trigger this action.

For action details see 4.1.1 Creating shared workspaces. By inviting additional mem­bers to a shared workspace, you enlarge the group of people who may access the work­space and the objects it contains. Before you turn a private folder into a shared workspace, please read 4.1 Creating and managing shared workspaces; section 4.2 Access rights and roles explains how to modify the access rights of the mem­bers in a shared workspace.

A private folder, a shared workspace or a folder or discussion forum within a workspace be­come a public workspace by selecting  File    Access    Public Access  (by default only allowed for man­agers). This feature may have been disabled altogether by your BSCW administrator for secu­rity reasons.

You may specify which actions are possible for anonymous access in a public workspace. This gives you extended access control. As a default, every user is authorized to read all docu­ments in a public folder. All published objects are listed in the public space of the BSCW ser­ver. This public space, which is a community folder named ‘public’, may be accessed by se­lect­ing  GoTo    Public Space  in the top menu or by clicking the community icon in the in­stant access bar my communities.

The actions described above are also offered in the action menus of folder or discussion fo­rum en­tries (action  Access    Invite Member  and action  Access    Public Access ).

If you plan to invite a large number of users to a workspace, consider adding a community to the workspace. Communities can accommodate large numbers of members and offer access to the community workspace without loss of performance.