Installation of BSCW Desktop

The following requirements must be met for the installation of the BSCW Desktop client:

Java: BSCW Desktop is based on Java technology, therefore a Java Standard Edi­tion (JSE) Runtime Environment (JRE) of version 1.4 or higher needs to be installed on your computer. We re­com­mend using Java SE version 7 available at

Java Web Start: Software deployment of the BSCW Desktop application and its com­ponents is achieved using Java Web Start. Java Web Start is automatically installed with the Java Runtime Environment. For further details on Java Web Start technology see

Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files: The built-in encryption features of BSCW Desktop are based on the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE). In a standard Java installation, however, the cryptography features are limited to a certain key size by default. You will notice whether your environment is affected when you attempt to use the encryption features of BSCW Desktop for the first time. If you encounter an according message, you have to download and install the “Java policy files for unlim­ited key size” for your Java Runtime Environment. You can download the policy files (for your Java version) from the Java website and replace the default cryptography versions supplied with the Java Runtime Environment with the unlimited ones. The policy files are available for your JRE as “Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files” on the JRE download site at

The BSCW Desktop client is initially installed via Java Web Start directly from within BSCW. In order to install the application,

      login to BSCW first,

      then choose  Options    Preferences  in the top menu and enable the option Use BSCW Desktop client for file upload in the ‘General’ section of the action form.

      Finally click the [Launch] button to start the installation of BSCW Desktop and confirm your changes with [OK].

Note that no special software installation is necessary with Java Web Start, just click on the [Launch] button and follow the instructions provided by Java Web Start. Your Web browser will possibly ask you how to handle the ‘JNLP file’ provided by BSCW. The browser should pass the file to Java Web Start automatically, if Java Web Start is installed correctly.

During the automatic installation process via Java Web Start, you will be prompted to confirm the installation of different components. Besides the components developed and signed by OrbiTeam, these are: Cryptix JCE and Java Help. You can safely accept installation of all BSCW Desktop components. It is furthermore suggested that you check the option provided to accept the installation of these components in the future. Otherwise you may be prompted each time BSCW Desktop is started.

Depending on your system configuration, you will finally be prompted to confirm the asso­ciation of BSCW Desktop with the file types .pgp and .asc. If you wish to let BSCW Desktop handle these file types automatically, you have to confirm the dialog. This ends the installa­tion process.