Imposing version control

Establishing version control for a document may be thought of as creating a new object of the type ‘Document under version control’ and using the existing document as the initial version.

      Select action  Change    Version Control  in the document’s action menu.

      Enter description, state and number of the original version into the ‘Start Version Con­trol’ form.

Version control is indicated by a few changes in the document’s entry in the folder listing:

A version number is inserted after the document name.

action  Revise  replaces action  Replace  in the action menu of the document.

When a document is under version control, some BSCW actions only concern the current ver­sion of the document:

      Clicking the document name or the icon downloads the current version.

      Actions such as action  Send to    Converter  or action  Send to    Archive  concern the current ver­sion.

You may revoke version control for a document only by destroying all its versions (see 8.3.5 Managing versions).

Instead of imposing version control on single documents you may also put all documents of a folder under version control. Details are to be found in 8.3.6 Automatic versioning.