Folder path URLs

BSCW can convert path names as they are shown in the navigation bar of the folder listing (the ‘Your Location:’ field) to the corresponding internal addresses. This allows you to use this familiar address format to define links to objects in a BSCW workspace, in particular from other objects in that workspace.

Take as an example a document article.html that contains a picture pic.gif and refers to a second document doc2.html. The text of article.html might then contain the tags

<IMG SRC="pic.gif">    
<A HREF="doc2.html">document 2</A>

If the three files article.html, pic.gif and doc2.html are contained in the same folder, BSCW will convert the links correctly and will display the requested files.

Files in subfolders, in folders higher up the directory tree or in a different branch of the tree of workspaces may be addressed in the same way, following standard UNIX notation. If, e.g., the image file pic.gif is contained in the subfolder pictures, and the second document is contained in the subfolder documents of the subfolder more, BSCW will correctly convert the following links.

<IMG SRC="pictures/pic.gif">  
<A HREF="more/documents/doc2.html">document 2</A>

Similarly, if the document doc2.html contains a link

<A HREF="../../article.html">previous document</A>

this link is again converted correctly, if article.html is contained in a folder two levels above doc2.html.