Finding BSCW objects using tags

BSCW’s built-in search engine helps you to find objects on your BSCW server based on the tags assigned to these objects. Tags are informally chosen keywords to classify BSCW objects and are assigned via action  Change    Properties . You specify your search in the ‘Edit Query’ form of a search in tags.

      The ‘Search’ field contains the name of the workspace where the search is to take place. This field is initially set to the ‘smallest’ workspace containing the current fol­der, i.e. the workspace from which the current folder inherits its members. If you have numerous objects in many workspaces, try to limit the search to the most prom­ising workspace and avoid a time consuming search ‘in your workspaces’ (which is also the default when you start a tag search from a private folder).

      Enter the tags of objects you are looking for into the respective field. Several tags en­tered should be separated by blanks. You may also view the [Last results] of a tag search if available.

      When the indexing service PyLucene is in use on your BSCW server, also the tags of objects are indexed for a quicker tag search. In this case, you may use wildcard char­acters in the tags entered as search criteria.

Note: A tag search may also be initiated by clicking on a tag shown in a folder listing.