Finding BSCW documents based on content

If the PyLucene indexing service has been installed with your BSCW server, you may apply a quick search for documents based on their content. PyLucene updates its index incrementally, i.e. whenever an object is changed or a new object is created. With much traf­fic on the BSCW server, this may take some minutes.

In the ‘Edit Query’ form of a document search you specify your search query in the field ‘Search in your documents ... for’. The field label mentions the indexing service applied.

Simple queries just list a number of keywords separated by blanks. These keywords are to be contained in the documents you are looking for. More sophisticated queries are possible: key phrases enclosed in double quotes and wildcard char­acters in keywords are allowed.

BSCW will display the list of documents matching the query as a folder listing. The descrip­tion of each document names the folder that contains the document. Make sure that you have activated the option  View    Descriptions .