Exporting in PDF

You may export listings of many container objects, i.e. objects that can contain other objects, in PDF format for printing. Examples are folders and similar object types like website folders, projects or flow folders; here, a listing of the entries is generated, which is similar to ordinary folder listings. With discussion forums and blogs, the PDF listing also contains the contents of the notes and blog entries. With contact lists you can specify which contact information is to ap­pear in the printed listing.

      Select  File    Send to    File (PDF)  from the top menu of the object whose listing you want to export as a PDF document. If this menu entry is missing, you cannot generate a PDF listing for this type of object.

      With some object types, you can make further specifications in the ‘PDF Export’ ac­tion form. For folders you can choose, e.g., whether to include descriptions into the PDF folder listing, for contact lists you can select the contact information that is to appear in the print view of the contact list. Hit [OK] to generate the PDF document. Then you will be asked whether to store the document on your computer or to open it with a suitable application.

      With object types like discussion forums or blogs, where no further specifications are neces­sary, the PDF listing is opened in a form and you may print or store it from there.