Exporting folders and documents via FTP

The ‘FTP Export’ action allows the transfer of a complete folder tree via FTP to an FTP server, e.g., the folder tree of the pages of a website stored in BSCW. You proceed as follows:

      Select  File    Send to    FTP Server  from the top menu of the folder whose contents (do­cu­ments, subfol­ders) you want to transfer. Empty subfolders will not be transferred.

      The ‘FTP Export’ form requires the following parameters:

FTP host,

FTP path on the FTP host,

FTP user name,

FTP password,

the character set for file names on the FTP host (BSCW uses the Unicode char­acter set UTF-8 for object names).

The FTP parameters (except the password for security reasons) are saved and remain available for future export operations.

You may also export a single document by selecting action  Send to    FTP Server  from the docu­ment’s action menu. Selecting this action in the action menu of a folder entry has exactly the same effect as described above.

Note: When repeating an export action to the same FTP server, by default only those docu­ments are transferred that have been changed since the most recent export operation. By check­ing the respective option, you may also require that all documents are to be exported.