Exporting and publishing website folders

You can create an evaluated copy of your website folder, i.e. a copy in which the BSCW and text elements are evaluated and replaced and in which all content pages are embedded in the layout page. Such a copy is called a “static” copy because all elements that determine the ap­pearance of the website folder have been evaluated once and for all. Static copies are created in your clipboard and may be pasted from there to an ordinary BSCW folder, exported to an external Web server or sent by email. You create a static copy of a website folder as follows:

      Select action  Static Copy  in the action menu of the website folder.

      In the ‘Static Copy’ form you may choose to have all objects of the website folder copied or only HTML documents and website subfolders with their HTML docu­ments.

      Hit [OK] to start the copying. If there are BSCW elements in the pages of your web­site folder that cannot be transferred to a static context, you will be informed in an ex­tra form.

A static copy of a website folder doesn’t look exactly the same way as when viewed directly in BSCW. Critical BSCW elements that don’t translate into a static context (action links, menus etc.) are omitted from a static copy; other elements might have a slightly different ap­pearance.