Event types

In BSCW, the events related to an object are grouped into five event types. In the object entries of a folder page, each type is represented by a specific event icon.

new   Create event: The object (document, folder, URL etc.) is new for you, you have not seen it before. This event may be caused by yourself or another member of the workspace.

changed   Change event: The object has been somehow modified, e.g. renamed or edited. Add­ing new versions to a document and modification of metadata also belong to this event type.

moved   Move event: The object has been moved from one location to another. Move events are generated when a document, folder, etc. is cut, pasted, deleted, unde­leted, archiv­ed, extracted or converted.

events inside  Events inside: There are recent change events for objects somewhere within this fol­der, including its subfolders and the objects contained therein. This icon is only dis­played for folders. Events of this type are only represented as event icons and are not transmitted by the other event services.

read  Read event: The object has been accessed without modification, e.g. has been read, downloaded or copied. BSCW lists only the most recent read event per user.    
As far as event icons are concerned, read events are pro­pagated to higher-level folders and are included in their event icons.