An important aspect of cooperative work is that all members of a shared workspace are kept informed about what happens in the workspace. To this end, BSCW records each action on an object in the workspace as an event. Each member of a workspace will be informed about the events inside the workspace.

BSCW provides several event services that support different levels of awareness about the activities in shared workspaces. From this set of services you may select the services most suitable for your needs. Moreover, you may specify for which types of events you want to use the services selected. The services include event icons in the Web interface, that indicate re­cent changes on objects, a daily workspace activity report, that is delivered to you by email, as well as immediate notification via email or by the special event monitor. You may even re­ceive recent events via BSCW RSS feeds.

Note: Some of the above event services may not be available on your BSCW server because they have not been activated by your BSCW administrator.


Displaying event information

Event types

Catching up on recent events

Subscribing to event services

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