Editing MS Office files

Direct editing of MS Office files is based on functionality which has been provided by Micro­soft in more recent versions of MS Windows and MS Office. The requirements are:

Windows 2000, XP, or 2003;

Internet Explorer 5.5 or up;

Office XP or 2003;

the BSCW document is a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, or Visio file;

the document name on the BSCW server has the correct extension, e.g., .doc for a Word document.

Furthermore, your BSCW server must be configured so that

WebDAV is enabled (see 13.9 WebDAV) and

cookie authentication is not enabled.

If in doubt, ask your BSCW administrator.

If the requirements are met, you directly edit an MS Office document on the BSCW server as follows.

      Select action  Change    Edit  in the action menu of the document.

      The action locks the document and opens the appropriate Office application where you can edit the document.

      Applying the “Save” operation in the Office application writes the file directly back to the BSCW server, replacing the existing one, or creates a new version if the document is under version control.

      Closing the document in the Office application unlocks the document.

Note: When direct editing with the helper application for external editors has been activated for MS Office files (see next section), this mechanism has priority over the direct editing of MS Office files described here.