Documents under version control

When cooperating in a shared workspace, several authors may want to repeatedly edit and revise common documents. Keeping track of the many changes by the various authors means additional effort that can be avoided by putting such documents under version control.

The contents of a document under version control are not simply replaced when a document is modified; instead, a new version is created as the current version. Earlier versions are main­tained; their sequence is identified by increasing version numbers (e.g. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc.). You may access earlier versions of a document via the document’s info page or directly via a URL with a version number (see below).

As the owner of a folder you may additionally impose automatic versioning on all documents of the folder. Uploading of new documents and editing or replacing of existing documents will automatically generate documents under version control.


Imposing version control

Creating a new version

Editing version information

Branching versions

Managing versions

Automatic versioning