Displaying event information

BSCW has several ways to display information about events:

Event icons in the entries of a folder page inform you at a glance that some action of a specific event type was performed on this object recently. To the right of the ob­ject name various event icons may be displayed: new, changed, moved, read and events inside. Click an event icon to obtain a list of the recent events of the type symbolized by the icon.

A detailed history of all events is maintained for all objects, reaching as far back as your BSCW administrator restores events. Choose action  Information    History  from an ob­ject’s action menu to view this history.

The daily workspace activity report lists all events of interest across all your work­spaces that happened the previous day.

Direct email informs about events immediately.

The event monitor continuously provides information about relevant events in your work­spaces.

The BSCW RSS event feeds provide recent events as RSS formatted news. Using these RSS feeds, modern browsers (or other RSS aggregators) may poll BSCW for on­line infor­mation on what is going on in your workspaces.

You may also export all events of a given object by selecting action  Information    Export Events  from this object’s action menu. The events are exported in the form of a comma-separated .csv file, e.g. for further processing with a spreadsheet program.