Creating website folders

To create a website folder in the current folder, you proceed as follows:

      Select  File    New    Website Folder  in the top menu.

      The ‘Add Website Folder’ form has the sections ‘General’, ‘Contents’, ‘Design’, ‘Auto-Versioning’ and ‘Attributes’.

      General: Enter the name of the website folder, optional tags and a descrip­tion. Fur­ther, you may decide about the default view of the website folder (web view or stand­ard folder view) and whether to create a template folder. The template folder when created will contain a template page “Empty” that serves as template for pages created using action  New    Page .

      Contents: Select the initial contents of the website folder. The default option “Basic” provides an empty home page only. The rest of the options give an impression of the capabilities of website folders and have of course to be adapted to your specific needs. Regardless of what you choose, you may edit the home page and other pages later on.

      Design: You are offered two layout options with two styles each, making four design options design options. The “Tree” option is suitable for hierarchically structured websites; the “Query” option is suitable for a flat set of pages which is navigated mak­ing use of author names, tags and categories. Your choice here results in two docu­ments of your website folder, the layout page and the style definition. Both may be edited later on.

      Auto-Versioning: Select the strategy of automatic versioning for your website folder. The default is to store at most 10 versions of documents in the website folder in order to be able to undo changes of website pages. In web view, the latest version of a page is shown. In order to revert to an older version you have to delete the more recent versions.

      Attributes: Define your own attributes for the new website folder.

      Hit [OK] to create the website folder according to the specifications made so far. All properties of the website folder may be changed at a later point in time.

After having created a website folder, you may now start to create or upload the content pages of your website folder (see 8.6.4 Editing pages in website folders). Your new web­site folder will contain at least three documents: Home, Layout and Style. Depending on the auto­matic versioning option chosen, these documents will be documents under version con­trol.

When you would like to structure your website folder like a tree, create subsidiary website folders as subfolders.

      Select action  New    Subsidiary Website Folder  in the action menu of the website folder to which you want to add a website subfolder.

      Enter name and optionally tags, description and own attributes. Click [OK].

The new subsidiary website folder contains an empty home page carrying the name of the fol­der as title. The other options (design, auto-versioning) are inherited from the containing web­site folder. By default, subsidiary website folders are shown in web view as part of the web­site folder’s contents, ordinary subfolders are not.