Creating template folders

You create a new template folder in the current folder as you would create an ordinary folder:

      Select  File    New    Template Folder  in the top menu.

      In the ‘Add Template Folder’ form that is displayed next, enter name and optional tags and de­scription of the new template folder. You may also impose automatic ver­sion­ing on the new folder as well as define your own attributes in the respective sections of the action form.

      Confirm with [OK] to create the template folder, which is initially empty and has to be filled with templates.

When you create a template in one of your template folders, consider adding a description of the template, which could contain information about the purpose of the template and its use. Such a template description is shown when the template is being copied.

BSCW has a specific search strategy when it looks for templates to offer for copying. You should keep this strategy in mind when creating template folders. The templates that are being offered for copying into the current folder come from template folders in the following places:

Template folders in your clipboard – Your clipboard may contain any number of tem­plate folders; they should, however, not be placed into subfolders of your clipboard – BSCW only looks for template folders at the top level of your clipboard. The clip­board is a place suitable for personal template folders, because normally you wouldn’t invite other people to your clipboard folders.

Template folders in the current folder – There may be any number of template folders in the current folder. Again, template folders in subfolders of the current folder are not considered when making copies of templates in the current folder.

Template folders in folders on the current path – BSCW will also consider template fold­ers which are contained in folders on the path upwards from the current folder to your top level folder (the current path is indicated in the navigation bar). Once again, only template folders directly contained in folders on the current path are considered. Consequently, if you place a template folder at the top level of a shared workspace, the templates of this template folder may be used by all members of the workspace in all subfolders and sub-subfolders of this workspace.

System-wide template folders – Apart from personal template folders in your clipboard or shared template folders available to members of shared workspaces, there are tem­plate folders which are accessible to all registered users. System-wide template fol­ders are created and managed by your BSCW system administrator. Please turn to your BSCW system administrator if you want to have more system-wide templates.