Creating multiple subtasks

There are two ways to create subtasks: (a) you can create several subtasks in one step and (b) you can create subtasks one by one.

We start with the creation of subtasks in one step. This action serves the purpose of quickly creating a set of simple subtasks, which initially have no input and output data. Also, other speci­fications like description, email notification on the task as well as tags and attributes have to be entered later using action  Change    Properties , especially if the subtasks created are to be combined to form a workflow (see Linking subtasks to form workflows).

The creation of multiple subtasks in one step is only possible if the main task is not being pro­cessed, e.g. in states initial or reopened.

      Select  File    New    Multiple Subtasks  in the top menu of the task view of a task.

      In the action form, click on [Add subtask] and enter name, duration, deadline and con­tractors of the new subtask. As contractors of the subtask you should choose users who have access to the main task, e.g. contractors or members of the main task. Other users could have difficulties with the execution of the subtask, since they have no ac­cess to material possibly contained in the main task.

      Continue to create further subtasks using [Add subtask] and finally confirm with [OK].

The new subtasks appear in the section ‘Contents’ of the main task. If you do not specify input data for the subtasks thus created, they will all be automatically started, when the main task is started.