Creating entries in your address book

New entries in your address book come from two sources: (a) BSCW automatically adds all users and email addresses, which you invite to one of your workspaces, to your address book; (b) you may add entries to your address book manually.

You may add new entries to your address book as you would add them to a contact list:

      Open your address book by clicking on the address book icon in your instant access bar or select  GoTo    Address Book  in the top menu.

      Choose  File    New    Contact  from the top menu bar and fill in the action form.

      Click [OK] to create new entries in your address book.

Instead of creating address book entries manually, you may also copy users from members’ pages and contacts from contact lists into your address book.

      On a members’ page or contact list, check those entries to be inserted into your address book and select  to address book in the multi-selection toolbar, or

      select action  to Address Book  from the action menu of single entries. If this action is not offered in the action menu, the contact may already be part of your address book.

Contacts that you copy from a members’ page are original contacts.

You may also import contacts from local applications like Outlook in vCard format into your address book by invoking  File    Import (vCard) . This works exactly as for contact lists (see 5.1.5 Importing and exporting contacts). You may also export single contacts, contact lists of your address book or even the whole address book in vCard format using Aktion  Send to    vCard  in the action menu or  File    Send to    vCard  in the top menu for usage on your local computer.

Note: Starting with this BSCW version, member groups cannot be transferred to personal address books anymore to be used for invitation to workspaces. Instead, member groups may be made available for invitation to workspaces in general and are found by a global search when inviting members to a workspace.