Creating contacts

For creating contacts

      open the contact list and select  File    New    Contact . Enter the contact information in the ‘Add Contact’ form.

All contact details may be changed using action  Change    Pro­per­ties  in the action menu of a contact later on.

      You may assign the new contact to one or several categories, by which contacts may be sorted and filtered. Using  Options    Contact List  in the top menu you may define your own contact categories.

      Instead of entering contact information manually you may also [Choose users]. This button opens a new action form ‘Add Entries’. Here you may enter user names or email ad­dresses or choose users from the result of a BSCW user search or search in an LDAP directory and transfer them to the field ‘Selected users’. Clicking [OK] will create new contacts corresponding to the personal profiles of the users selected. Such contacts are called original contacts.