Creating and managing shared workspaces

A shared workspace is a folder that can be accessed by other people beyond its manager or owner, typically by a group of registered users, its members. In the default configuration – that you may adapt to your needs – every member of a workspace

has access to all the objects of the workspace,

immediately realizes the effects of any action another member performs on an object in the workspace and

may perform most actions on the workspace and its objects (for restrictions see 4.2 Access rights and roles).

A folder indicates its special status as a shared workspace by the members icon adjacent to its name in the navigation bar, which is also shown in the ‘Share’ column of the folder entry. Click this icon to display the members’ page of this workspace. There you can also manage workspace membership.

The rules described here for folders are essentially also true for other BSCW ‘container ob­jects’ that are derived from the folder class: discussion forums, group calendars, projects, tasks – see the respective sections for details that may deviate from the general rules outlined below.


Creating shared workspaces: Inviting other users

Becoming a member: Being invited to a workspace

Members' page

Moving shared workspaces