Creating and editing HTML documents

You can create and edit HTML documents (MIME type text/html) directly on the BSCW server. With some recent Web browsers, e.g. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6.0 and up, an HTML editor is being used that has been integrated into BSCW. Should you use a brow­ser that does not work with the integrated editor, e.g. Konqueror, Op­era or Safari, HTML docu­ments are edited like ordinary text documents.

To create an HTML document

      select  File    New    HTML Document  in the top menu of the current folder.

      Enter name, optional tags and description of the new document. Enter the contents of the document into the window of the HTML editor.

      Hitting [OK] or invoking the editor ‘Save’ operation creates the new HTML docu­ment.

      If you click on [Cancel and edit source] you lose your input so far and can enter the HTML document in source text, i.e. with HTML tags.

To edit an HTML document directly on the server

      select action  Change    Edit  in the action menu of the document. When you use the built-in HTML editor, this action automatically locks the document, until you are finished with editing.

      The contents of the HTML document are displayed in the window of the HTML editor where you may edit the docu­ment freely.

      By hitting [OK], the edited document replaces the existing one or creates a new ver­sion if the document is under version control.

      If you click on [Cancel and edit source] you lose your input so far and can edit the HTML document as source text.

During creation of the HTML document (either via upload or directly on the server), the char­ac­ter set of the document has been inferred from the cre­a­tor’s browser information. You can also ex­plicit­ly set the character set via action  Change    Properties . Uncheck the check box ‘Try to select the char­ac­ter set for contents of a text file automatically’ and confirm with [OK]. You can then enter the character set for the HTML docu­ment in the action form.