Creating and changing flow folders

In order to create a new flow folder, you proceed as follows:

      Select  File    New    Flow Folder  from the top menu. The action form ‘Add Flow Folder’ has four sections ‘General’, ‘Tasks’, ‘Auto-Versioning’ and ‘Attributes’.

      In section ‘General’ you enter the name and optional tags and description of the new flow folder.

      In section ‘Tasks’ you enter the tasks of your flow folder.

      Click [Add new task] to create a new task. In the task form, you enter the name of the task and an optional description.      
Under Forward to you determine the next station in the flow of tasks. After completion of a task, the flow folder is by default forwarded to the next task in the list. Alternatively, you may enable forwarding the flow folder to another task or one of several other tasks.  
Finally you select one or more users responsible for the task as you would invite members to a workspace.

      Fold in the task form by clicking on the triangle fold in the upper left-hand corner of the task form.

      Continue to add new tasks by clicking [Add new task].

      In the folded and compact representation, tasks are numbered. If you have chosen to deviate from the standard processing order, task numbers after the task name indicate to which task or to which one of several tasks the flow folder is for­ward­ed.

      Use the arrows up and down to change the order of tasks and remove to delete tasks al­ready entered. You may also reorder the tasks by dragging a task by one of the arrows to appear above or below another task.

      You may change tasks by unfolding a task (click on unfold) and change all task in­for­mation in the task form: name, description, next station and responsibles.

      In section ‘Auto-Versioning’ you may impose version control on the new flow folder and its subfolders, so that all docu­ments that are newly created are auto­matically put under version control.

      In section ‘Attributes’ you can define your own attributes for the flow folder which may be used when searching for the flow folder.

      Hit [OK] to create a new flow folder.

After creation of the new flow folder, you can add any documents or other objects to the flow folder that are important for the tasks defined.

As a member of the flow folder, you may change the flow folder any time. This concerns not only the contents of the flow folder but also its tasks: you may add new tasks, delete existing tasks, change the order of tasks or change the specification of existing tasks including the responsible(s). Changing flow folders is also possible for users responsible for the current task.

      Select action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the flow folder you want to change. The action form for changing flow folders works exactly like the action form for creating flow folders described above.

      In section ‘Tasks’, remember to unfold tasks (click on unfold) in order to change them.

You can also copy flow folders along with their contents and tasks. The state of task execu­tion is not copied: the status of a copied flow folder is that of a newly defined flow folder before the first task has been started. The contents of the flow folder, however, are copied in their current state!